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Elementary School In OKC Won’t Let Kindergartener Wear Michigan Shirt

Cooper Barton was probably not at all worried about what he wore to school on his first day of Kindergarten, but when he got to school in Oklahoma City the staff made him turn his t-shirt inside out.

Was his t-shirt offensive? Did it have foul language or weapons on it? Was it sexual or gang related or racist or offensive in anyway?

Maybe if you went to Ohio State, but even if you did I think that you would support a 5 year olds first amendment right to wear a Michigan Wolverines t-shirt to school.

Listen, when I was in college I got a Marilyn Manson concert shirt that said “Everlasting Cocksucker” on the back in big pink letters. I understand how that could be offensive, but “Welcome to the Big House: Michigan Wolverines”? Come on!

This is Cooper. Isn't he adorable?

In the Oklahoma City public school district, they have a rule:

Clothing bearing the names or emblems of all professional and collegiate athletic teams (with the exception of Oklahoma colleges and universities) is prohibited.

Wait, what?

So my OKCPS kid can’t wear something saying “Harvard Crew” or her Orlando Magic Mini Mouse shirt that we bought at Disney World, but Sooners Sweatpants are cool?

I could understand if his parents went to South Carolina.

I promise, this is the last time I will bring up cocks during this post.

I could also understand if this were an L.A. school and the kid was wearing a Raiders jersey. I am not ignorant of teams being used to represent gangs, but this kid is five years old and it was a Michigan t-shirt.

Anyway, the administration at Wilson Elementary school made Cooper turn his shirt inside out for the rest of the day.

Cooper will have a lot to tell his therapist when it comes to first day of school PTSD from now on.

The A.C.L.U. is now looking into the case. I support the American Civil Liberties Union and I am glad they are taking this on, but wouldn’t it be better for all taxpayers if the Oklahoma City Public School System just deleted that one pointless rule?

I mean, these kids should at least be able to publicly support the Thunder.



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  1. daniel says:

    And aren’t the Dallas Cowboys still “America’s Team”?

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