Sean Payton Gets Full Year Suspension for Bounty-Gate | Draft Day Suit

Sean Payton Gets Full Year Suspension for Bounty-Gate

Any benefit Sean Payton got from his so-called “bounty program” went out the window today, as the NFL suspended him for one year without pay for his super sketchy management decision to compensate players for incapacitating specific opponents.

"Yay my super sweet bounty program totally worked you guys!" (Oops.).

Jay Glazer of the NFL Network quoted Payton as saying “No, I am not OK” and also said he is “beside himself,” which, well, parts of him might indeed have been if one of his players had a bounty out on his pretty little head. (Sorry.) Also dinged in Roger Goodell’s major disciplinary action include former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who is banned indefinitely (Indefinitely!) and will not be with the St. Louis Rams this season as planned, an eight-game suspension for general manager Mickey Loomis, and six games for assistant coach Joe Vitt. The Saints team was fined $500,000, and will lose their second-round draft pick for the next two years.

No, you break his RIGHT arm, idiot. RIGHT arm.

Note to other NFL personnel: if you are doing this now, I’d stop, and if you haven’t yet, I wouldn’t, not ever. Or sure, go ahead, if you hate your job and its attendant lots and lots of money, or you just really, really like seeing people get hurt extra hard and you have that disease that every politician in America seems to have and you think you can get away with something that some other dude did not because he wasn’t as smart or crafty or just as all-around awesome as you. Roger Goodell does not like this bounty business at all, nor does he apparently appreciate liars who lie, and he will maybe fire your ass, or at least put it in a very expensive time out.

The lengthy NFL press release details the path of the bounty program, and the punishments.  Goodell called the bounty practice “particularly unusual and egregious,” and also “unacceptable.” He has not said if actions will be taken against players who participated in a program that rewarded them with $1,500 for “knockouts” and $1,000 for “cart-offs” of high-level players including quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Brett Favre, and Kurt Warner. I’d expect more on this in the days ahead, based on the severity of coach and team punishment.

Drew Brees tweeted that he was “speechless” and “needs an explanation,” and because I’m simply not prepared to admit to myself that he’s either a. that dense or b. knew about this and is telling stories too, maybe he’ll read one of the several hundred articles online about this that are basically all saying the same thing, or someone will tell him in person. The guys involved will have plenty of time to sit around and talk, that’s for sure.


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2 Replies to Sean Payton Gets Full Year Suspension for Bounty-Gate

  1. Amy says:

    Maybe Payton learned his lesson? I hope at least… lets go to a different topic that’s positive… Check out Kurt’s latest!

  2. norm says:

    There are a lot of Saints fans outraged by the level of the punishment. They should understand that the extreme nature of the punishments is because they lied about it. Would have been a completely different story if they’d owned up and stopped it, what, a year ago? Yeah. Ouch.

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