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How ‘Bout Them Giants?

 You may have seen Heather Barmore around the Internet, where she has written for approximately every site in bloglandia, in addition to sharing her personal story at  No Pasa Nada and politics at Poliogue. You will be in Heather’s company for a very short period of time before learning that she is a New Yorker, and her love for the Giants is of Twitter legend. We are thrilled to have her here to discuss  it. Follow her this Sunday @HeatherBarmore for Super Bowl play-by-play.

The day the Giants beat the 49ers in overtime, I was on a plane from Orlando to my hometown in Albany, NY. It was actually my fourth flight of the day and this is where I note that though I was glad that a roundtrip flight to Salt Lake City, Utah only cost $20 I could have gotten to Europe faster.

I made my flight plans in July precisely around the time that the Giants should have been arriving in Albany for summer training camp but were kept away by contract negations and a lock out. But I digress. As the plane hit the 10,000 feet mark and that tell-tale ding went off in the cabin, I watched as passengers to the left, front and back of me hopped on the in-flight wifi. It’s such a first world problem to complain about how slow the Internet was while IN THE AIR but whatever. There we all were hovered over iPads and iPhones painfully watching each down. Some were able to catch the play-by-play on super amazing headphones – I dunno, technology or something – while I squinted and peaked over the shoulders of the men in front of me to make sure they were seeing what I was seeing.

As the plane started to make its final descent and flight attendants went through the cabin to make sure seat backs and tray tables were in their full and upright position, roughly 20 of us remained “watching” the game. Damn the man and the FAA we were flying in blue and red gear and we were going to watch this game right into the end of overtime.

I remain confused by the new overtime rules. Like, physics confused but I knew that when Lawrence Tynes kicked that 31 yard field goal and – I imagined – that ball sailing beautifully that we had it. At 20 to 17 the Giants were going to the Super Bowl. Of course there could be no outcry because we were supposed to be gazing out the windows and waiting for our ears to pop but I tapped the shoulder of the gentleman in front of me and we gave each other a high five.


There are people who hate the Giants. Actually there are people who hate all things New York just as I have a difficult time stomaching the Patriots, Celtics and those awful Red Sox. My dislike isn’t because of the way I was raised but because I’ve learned to embrace the rivalry and the game. My father is one of those who hate the Giants. In fact he once told me that he hated Archie Manning and would hate the mother if she played football, too. It’s an Ole Miss thing not just because of the talent or as he would say, “Lack thereof”.

I, on the other hand, have thought about marrying a Manning brother and since 2005 have spent many Sundays arranging my schedule around what time the Giants would be playing. If you were to find me at the end of the season I kind of sit around wondering what to do with myself come 1, 4: 30 and 8PM.


When Eli was first drafted to the NFL there was the infamous trade between the Giants and the Chargers. Eli didn’t want to go to San Diego and so he made a fuss and ended up with New York. Since then he’s been called a whiner and a crybaby for his decision. He then took over for the legendary Kurt Warner in 2005 as the starting QB and they have never looked back. When people criticize Eli for not wanting to go to the Chargers and for being immature I shrug and wonder what they expected of a 22 year old? I can understand just graduating from college and not having something work out for you and being bummed. Of course Eli did what he did on a far more public scale but show me one early 20-something who is thrilled with their life right after college and I’ll show you a person who is most likely lying.

Over the last seven years what thrills me most about this Giants team is Eli’s leadership and watching him mature. Thinking of it now I realize it’s because we are roughly the same age (he’s a year younger) but that first job is tough and it takes a lot of crap to make the job your own and to grow into what you do. Two Super Bowl appearances don’t just happen. It requires having a team that works well together and gels. With Eli Manning at the helm this team has done just that. So hate him if you’d like. Hate the Giants. Hate their Super Bowl appearances or that they have ruined perfect seasons but don’t hate what they’ve accomplished over the last several years. I love the Giants not just because I’m a New Yorker but because watching them is like magic and I, for one, cannot wait for this Sunday.

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Laurie won her first writing award at her Maryland Catholic elementary school - an envelope of two-dollar bills from football-crazy nuns - in the second grade for a poem about the Washington Redskins. She still does not understand downs, so this just proves that she will write just about anything for the promise of money and minor glory. Try her. Her other interests include the WNBA, Dayton basketball (Go Flyers!,) tailgating, Capitals first-period goals, three-pointers and beer. She dislikes any former Patrick Division team, (especially the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers) overtime any time and serial retirers. She will someday have Capitals season tickets, attend an NFL game, and understand downs. Other writing happens at LaurieWrites and BlogHer. She still lives in - and loves - Maryland.

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6 Replies to How ‘Bout Them Giants?

  1. I love this so much, Heather. I think there is something wrong with me for saying this, but I love it that you defied the inflight rules to watch OT.

  2. Heather B. says:

    The flight attendants totally knew what we were all doing. As they did their final walk-through of the cabin they peeked over screens to catch the score and then kept on walking with nary a word. Uh…thankfully we didn’t die or something…? I dunno.

    Thanks for the kudos!

  3. Ok. So I come from a family who calls Eli a whiner. But we’re all from California…and so yeah. That happened.

    But I do love this. Love that you you love your team. I find your love for the Mannings awesome. And I kinda want to watch football with your dad.

    Enjoy this weekend!

  4. Kristine says:

    The are never NOT–good or bad–exciting. Unconditional love, baby.

  5. I’m a Titans fan myself, but my nephew is a huge Giants fan. He hurt himself almost literally bouncing off the walls after that last failed attempt at the endzone by the Pats.
    I have often wondered at the sheer intensity of the animosity directed at Eli for precisely the reasons you give here. No kidding he acted like a kid, he was one! C’est la guerre, he has two rings and his most vocal detractors have what?

  6. norm says:

    I am so happy the Giants won the big one because that makes the 49ers look even better 😉 Nice article Heather B!

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