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Celebrate Good Football, Come On!

Lead Story- TEXAS finally plays like they should. A game plan! Completed passes. Rushes. Making plays happen. And, winning. This is the Texas we have been accustomed to. (Like I would bury that lead-Hell No.) Before I begin, I have a confession to make, I am Elz and I hold football grudges WAY long. There, now let’s get down to business.

Texas v Nebraska (20-13): This might be the last Texas-Nebraska game. And, Nebraska fans are probably very glad about that.  Texas has never lost to Nebraska in the regular season game, losing only in the Big
Texas v Nebraska 12 title game in 1999. Saturday’s game was no exception. The much-heralded Texas Defense did their job, holding Martinez to 21 yards (previously averaged 147 passing yards). Martinez threw for losses or no gain on four of his first 11 runs, took an intentional grounding penalty on his first pass, had a few bad throws and fumbled twice. Nebraska ended up switching Martinez out for a rushing QB because they couldn’t make it happen. Texas led 10-0 after Robinson recovered a fumble at the Nebraska 21. Garrett Gilbert faked a reverse handoff and ran in the Touchdown. It was 17-3 after Fozzy Whittaker got about 21 yards after the catch, setting up another Gilbert TD run. A 3rd quarter Field Goal and it was 20-3. It made me want to cry with appreciation for the job Muschamp has done. (And simultaneously scream at my TV screen- “This, this is what you should have done 2 games ago.” Bygones…nope, still bitter). Nebraska didn’t score a touchdown until well into the 4th Quarter (a 95 yard obvious pooch punt return). Still, a redemptive game for the Horns. It’s also a good game to have on your DVR. *Also, I love games that screw up rankings-except those where Texas is ranked and then we fall 20 places…ahem.

OU vs. Iowa State (52-0): There is a reason OU is ranked #1 in the BCS poll (I don’t put too much faith in polls in general, but the BCS, well, that speaks). The team is tight this year. OU has rarely made a misstep and certainly not with DeMarco Murray in the game plan. Murray broke OU record for touchdowns in an amazing manner. Incidentally Murray broke the record previously held by Steve Owens, a Heisman trophy winner-perhaps that is a bit of foreshadowing. There’s not much you can say about this game-a total and complete shutout in every way possible. Great play making by OU. OU looked solid, solid, and deserving of as many first place votes as possible. If they can keep a healthy team, I don’t see too much in their way of making another legitimate run at the BCS Championship (see, what I did there? Another mention of our stolen claim to the Big 12 Championship from 2 years ago-should woulda coulda.)
Sad Texas A&MMissouri v Texas A&M (30-9): Oh wow. Just makes you feel bad for Aggies. It’s sad when you have stats on your side (like Jerrod Johnson (QB) throwing touchdown passes) and you still don’t win. Much like the OU win, another lop-sided victory. The Aggies didn’t even get on the board until the second half. When Mizzou plays well, they really play well and this year looks like one of those years. Mizzou certainly played well on Saturday. A&M Coach Mike Sherman might have said it best “We just came home and laid an egg.” We had an Aggie faithful over Friday night and the support for Sherman is waning to say the least.

Elz helps us out each week by recapping Big 12 games.

[photo: Dave Weaver]

{photo: Julio Cortez]

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  1. Pam says:

    Hey, hurray, hurrah, Mizzou!

    Also? Hook ’em Horns!


    A fine weekend.

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