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The Big Twelve Big Letdown Week

Elz is back with week with a Big 12 Recap.

This week was not the best showcase for powerhouse Big 12 football. I’m sure Colorado (won 29-27 over Georgia) and Nebraska are especially glad they are leaving after the conference had such lackluster performances in general. Well, they are glad except that whole early termination penalty, that really sucks.

Starting with Thursday’s game between Texas A&M and Oklahoma State University (OSU 38- Texas A&M 35) Or, as most people in Texas and Oklahoma call it, the battle of the “me too”s. A&M and OSU both had an amazing opportunity to play in front of a national audience on a day when there wasn’t any other football going on and…it was just sad. A&M managed to hold off Florida AI the week before with four interceptions. But, the fourth interception against OSU proved costly. A&M’s QB Jerod Johnson is allegedly perfect for playing QB and when he’s on, he’s deadly accurate. He passed for over 400 yards this game (breaking the Aggie’s passing record in the process). But, when he’s not, OUCH. Johnson connected with his players for five touchdowns, but also had four interceptions from OSU, as well as a costly fumble. I feel bad for OSU because (with the notable exception of T. Boone Pickens), OU gets all the glory. You can tell OSU REALLY wants to be a powerhouse, but they fall flat almost every opportunity.

Texas v Oklahoma (OU 28- Texas 20)- I don’t think I can accurately capture this rivalry game in one article or post. It is epic. Truly. The Texas State Fair, a perfect fall day, a bunch of amped players and fans. This game usually determines who wins the Big 12 South, which usually determines who wins the Big 12. At least for the last 11 years it has worked that way. Texas won the past two match-ups, and four of the last five games. Needless to say, the Longhorn faithful were unprepared for the sloppy game that awaited us. Presumably, OU will now win out the South and then the Big 12 and Texas will be relegated to the Culligan Water Bowl or Alamo Bowl or Mattress Mack Bowl…. The final score makes it seem much closer than it actually was. OU won from the minute the teams stepped on the field. OU scored touchdowns the first two times they had the ball.  OU didn’t dominate as much as played better and got extremely lucky. It seemed like every time OU was on its third down, a Longhorn defensive player would make a stupid mistake and then OU would have its first down again.Texas had nine penalties for 81 yards, OU only five for under 30 yards.

I am a Longhorn fan through and through, I’ve been there through bad seasons and bad coaches (Mackovic). This was not the worst game I’ve seen, but it was up there. Sloppy, sloppy playing. TERRIBLE play calling. In one series, Texas ran the SAME route three times in a row with the same result – barely any yardage. Terrible, sloppy, and also extremely unlucky.

There were a few bright moments, like when DeMarco Murray caught the ball and ran it for 20 yards just inside the line for a touchdown, switching hands just before his somersault into the end zone so it would count as a TD (score then 28-10). I have to admit, that was pretty sweet and smart play-making.There was a chance when Landry Jones dropped the ball with less than two minutes left. But, even then, Texas couldn’t make it happen. This loss caused Texas to drop out of the AP Top 25 for the fist time in ten years.

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3 Replies to The Big Twelve Big Letdown Week

  1. Pam says:

    That Texas game was just g-ddamned SHAMEFUL. That is all.

  2. elz says:

    Shameful and Sad.

  3. c.c. says:

    oh, i did LOVE that sooners/longhorn game. i was SO HAPPY at the end of that one. almost as happy as i was at the end of the aggies game against the golden panthers of florida international. that the ags pulled out a win there was damned miraculous, and probably all because of the twelfth man.

    but the game against the cowboys. oh man. that sucked. they were winning when i turned it on fourteen to nothing. johnson looked SO MUCH BETTER last year. i’ve never seen him throw so many interceptions. i sure as heck hope he gets whatever’s bugging him settled.

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