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A Look Back at Last Week in the NCAA

Here’a little latenight recap of last week’s NCAA action to get us ready for tomorrow. Elz is here to give us a taste of the biggest games.

Conference play had not begun, but it’s never too late to watch good football. This week, two games- FSU vs OU and Miami vs Ohio State also happened to be repeat clashes from past National Championship games. (Warning: Since Elz bleeds orange, she’s obligated to include a brief analysis of Longhorn play)

Florida State vs OU– I picked OU. I was right 47-17. Landry Jones is proving himself to be a capable successor to Sam Bradford’s esteemed legacy with 380 yards passing and four touchdowns. More importantly, Jones had zero interceptions. The Sooners started laying the smack down as soon as they got the ball and never let up. The first four times OU had the ball, they scored a touchdown. That’s demoralizing. I can tell you from my team playing OU, and knowing them well, that a Sooner team when it is “on” is impossible to defeat. And the Seminoles didn’t have what it took. In fact, their defense was just miserable next to OU’s Offense. Some people in the Big 12 think Bob Stoops fails at the big games. I disagree, for every loss his team has had in a big game, they’ve had an almost equal amount of success. I don’t think anyone should discount the fact that OU goes to the big games because they tend to deserve it (2008 National Championship game excepted. They STOLE that from Texas). This game showed me that the October 2 meeting between Texas and OU is going to be a nail biter.


Miami v Ohio State– Ohio State 36- 24. I picked Miami because I kind of hate Ohio State. Come on, you do too. No offense to any Buckeyes reading, but your fans can kind of be jerks at sports bars and games. I remember Jim Tressel allowing a player to step on an opponent’s throat years ago. As much as it pains me to admit, Ohio State was the much better team. Terrel Pryor used this game to solidify his place in the Heisman watch. Pryor passed for 233 yards, rushed for 113 yards* and scored twice. He almost got picked off three times, but Miami defenders could not keep their hands on the ball (no luck). Part of what made Ohio State look so good was that Miami looked so bad. You simply cannot have turnovers against a team like OSU and expect to win. Miami turned over the ball four times. To add insult to injury, when Miami tried to make something happen twice on 4th down they failed. Basically, Miami came to play but left their luck and tightness behind. You just can’t win that way. *I always wonder when the QB rushes so much if that indicates either an unwillingness to look for alternate routes or overconfidence…but, I can’t argue that it helps teams win.

Alabama vs Penn State– I can’t profile this as a big game because it was just so disappointing and one-sided. 24-3 without star player Ingram and Penn State’s only points coming well into the 4th quarter. That’s just sad. No need to discuss why or how-Alabama was better.

Texas Update– Texas wins 34-7 over Wyoming. I thought it was a great game and really helped the team gel and work together. The next few games are going to be difficult, so a big win like this at home should help our guys going into next week’s game at Tech, followed by UCLA, ou, and Nebraska. This game also showcased Sam Acho. That guy is a stud. What a playmaker!

Most Overrated– Boise. I keep telling people that the Boise State Kool-Aid is just blue. That’s it. There is a reason Boise does not play with the big boys. For every “Big” win they have, there are 10 more teams that they cannot hang with. I will say it again and again. I do not believe that an unbeaten MWC or WAC conference team is as good as a big conference team with one loss. I feel the same about TCU. I think TCU is strong for their conference. However, I don’t think wins against Oregon State, Tennessee Tech, Colorado State, or San Diego State come anywhere close to wins or losses against OU, Texas Tech, or even an ACC team! But, that’s a discussion for another day.

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