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Football Fashion Choices

Okay I’ve been remiss in posting but I’ve pulled my head out of my ass long enough to address the first serious issue to bother me this coming football season.
I’m not concerned overly about the 20 year old hotties with flat bellies and perky boobs who’ve never nursed a child. Although I hate you……this is not about you. Or your ability to wear cute hottie clothes that I no longer fit into.

This is a picture of Sarah and me at a Buccs game last fall (yeah dig the skybox). We are wearing APPROPRIATE FOOTBALL WATCHING ATTIRE.

Now, let’s discuss inappropriate football watching attire. I used to work for the Lane Bryant Catalog. We had a motto in the customer service dept “Just because we make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.” That sort of snide giggle was saved for the likes of size 60 Merry Widow ensembles and catsuits, and such.
This same rule goes for merchandise that is licensed by the NFL. Not all of it should be purchased, or even worn people.
For example this lovely item. What the hell is this? Am I wearing it to emasculate Harrison? Am I wearing it because he’s now my bitch? I don’t understand why the NFL feels the need to make PINK items for the teams – as though girls can’t wear the RIGHT colors?
Teams have colors. Teams have jerseys. I have no issue with your Walmart purchased NFL Licensed Tshirt. Hell, I have a couple. It’s insulting to think that to APPEAL to me as a consumer they need to make a pink jersey. I promise you that if I were to purchase one of these CHICK Jersey’s, it would solely be to insult the player whose name I have put on the back. And that is one seriously expensive insult….so I would have to hate your ass a lot. Like, maybe Jeff George sort of hate. (I didn’t really dislike George but he had no respect from his offensive line…….different blog entry altogether).
What about this number ? I can only support my team dressed as a whore. Pretending to be a team supporter in my trampy camisole. Now, really, little hottie chicks in your camisoles at the game, I think I don’t mind you so much. Little hottie chicks PRETENDING TO BE FOOTBALL FANS……in your pseudo-gear…..yeah you annoy the crap out of me. I realize it’s allegedly “pajama wear” but I promise you we’ll see these at Buccs games. What the hell is the point of this article of clothing? It doesn’t have team colors on it. I’m sure it has a logo that is misplaced with the style and color of the garment.
I’m on a rant I realize. But I hope that I’ve made my position clear.

If I see you in a pink Manning Jersey…..please understand, that I am going to hit you straight in the face.

And he should as well.

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I am a transplanted Hoosier who resides in the Atlanta metro area. I'm a die hard Colts fan and as far as I'm concerned you aren't a fan unless you suffered through Jeff George as a quarterback. I'll give you a pass if you weren't born yet, but mostly if you weren't standing beside the highway cheering the Mayflower trucks into town on the night we stole that team, well then you aren't a fan. Additionally I think that wearing a pink jersey is a brilliant way to pwn an opposing team's player. If you pick your fantasy team based on uniform color or a players "Hot Butt" - well I'm sorry you may not sit with me during games. I only speak dead languages fluently and I like to wear things that make no sense.

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2 Replies to Football Fashion Choices

  1. I have to say I agree. Who would want a pink and white jersey? (Maybe Jeff Garcia?)

    Although, I openly admit to having Buccaneer panties, I wear them under my jeans with my jersey.

    If you can’t handle the cut of the man’s jersey go watch the WNBA.

  2. Ok, I like the pink stuff. But I’m a girly girl. I think it’s ok. It makes me like the ugly colored teams more.

    But you had better know and understand that team if you wear that team. Even if your jersey is pink.

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